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CBD Natural Health principal, Eliza Blackwood, frequently offers expert advice for Magazines and other Media. Eliza also produces a monthly Newsletter for CBD Natural Health featuring the latest natural health information, facts and recommendations.

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Eliza is one of those exceptional therapists we love to find. She connects with you instantly and has a unique ability to tap into what you need.
Donna Duggan, Editor of Spa Life Magazine
Thank you (Rebecca) for helping me find the true cause of my illness after so many trips to see Doctors. You listened, provided intelligent answers and gave me confidence to make the changes I needed to get my health back. I have never felt better, even though the herbs are still hard to swallow.
Rob Chambers, Happy customer
To CBD Natural Health, we just wanted to say thank you for your time, your care and your professional approach, it was a most welcome positive experience of true customer service
Denise and Paul White, Happy customer
Thank you Eliza for being part of our journey of trying to conceive. We can’t Thank you enough for all your advice, knowledge, being so thorough and professional and assisting us with making huge lifestyle changes to improve our health. Above all else, Thank you for putting us on the pre conception care program that enabled us to fall pregnant naturally. We thought all hope was lost and from our first consultation with you we immediately felt encouraged this was the right path for us. We can’t wait to meet our little boy in a few weeks and pass on our love of health and wellness to him.
Tom and Jude Reynolds, Happy customer


Naturopathic support for colds and flu

Naturopaths have a unique perspective on health and illness with a focus on treating the person, not the disease.

The biological terrain theory is where a Naturopath’s approach comes from.  This is a theory that explains that if the internal environment is out of balance then imbalance, illness or infection can thrive. Everyone knows that […]

5 Tips to a Super-Powered Immune System

Our immune system is incredibly complex and vast, there is still so much we don’t understand about it.  One thing is for sure is that supporting our intelligent, natural immunity is key to being strong and healthy.  Resilience is the key to stay healthy this winter.

5 tips for supporting our natural immune activity and […]

Always anxious? The genetic link that could change your life.

Is anxiety something you have always felt, perhaps even as a child?  Or maybe you have a tendency to depression. Or perhaps you know someone who has a child with ADD or Autism?  If so, then read on as this information on Pyrrole Disorder could change your life, or the life of someone you […]

Immune boost your food with homemade broth

Since the dawn of time, broth and stock made from animal bones have been used to cure ills. Known as ‘Jewish penicillin’ and the ‘cure all’ broths of the olden times, today we now know a good quality stock will actually boost the immune system, soothe the digestive system and strengthen our bodies.
Unfortunately, these […]

7 easy tips for good digestion

Have you noticed yourself feeling occasionally bloated, or heavy after eating?  Have you felt a bit gurgly or gassy in bowels?   Perhaps you bowel patterns aren’t consistent? Something isn’t right and although your symptoms might not be severe, poor digestion can affect your energy and health in so many different ways.
What does a […]

Is you environment making you infertile?

Do remember hearing about the hermaphrodite polar bears? Back in 2006, the media released findings by scientists working in Norway’s Svalbard islands that found one in fifty polar bears had both male and female sex organs.
It was found that  toxic compounds including polybrominated diphenyls (PBDEs)have shown that “significant deposits” have turned up in […]