Food intolerance testing

Ideal for people with any kind of digestive issues,  sinus, hayfever, eczema, acne, asthma, migraines and more!  We offer different options for reliable and effective food sensitivity testing depending on your needs.


 Food Detective

This popular IgG foods test delivers results in the same day and covers 46 different foods that are the most common food intolerances.

Features of the test are:

  • Results that same day!
  • Finger prick blood sample
  • One of the most affordable tests available at $230

 ALCAT testing

A specialist food intolerance immune assay (different from IgG)  that covers combinations of foods from 100 – 200 different foods, over 50 different chemicals and 20 inhalants/moulds.

Features of the test are:

  • Most comprehensive testing
  • Can choose what you test for
  • Paediatric profile of foods and foods chemicals (such as colourings and MSG) available
    Costs range: $250 – $850


Vegetarian food panel

A pinprick blood test ideal for vegetarian as you don’t pay for the foods you don’t eat. This is an IgG test and costs $301