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Revive your health with our professional prescribed 3 Week Detox Package.

Slim, flush, cleanse, energise, release, rejuvenate and feel amazing.

Our detox programs are all inclusive to making it easy for you.

Our 3 week detox program is designed to support the whole body, not just the liver, for a balanced detox that will leave you feeling energetic, happy and well. We recommend doing this once per year for good health.

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Your 3 Week Detox Package includes:

  • 1hr Initial and 1/2hr follow up consultations with your Naturopath
  • Full health & diet assessment
  • 3 week Detox guide – tailored to suit your personal needs
  • Prescriptive detox supplements and herbal medicines (a total of 5)
  • Menu ideas and lifestyle suggestions
  • Recipe suggestions and shopping lists
  • FREE “DETOX YOUR HOME” GUIDE for clearing the toxins in your home

Who should do a detox? Anyone who:

  • Lives or works near the city.
  • Drinks alcohol or smokes.
  • Has low energy.
  • Has digestive problems.
  • Takes medications.
  • Experiences moods swings or hormonal issues.
  • Is preparing to have a baby
  • Has skin issues
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