Weight Management

Healthy weight management doesn’t have to be a strict diet and intensive exercise regime, this doesn’t always work long term! Ideal, long term weight loss is about losing fat whilst retaining muscle mass which is acheived by creating health and balance in the body physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. A healthy body is able to maintain its natural weight with relative ease.

There are many factors that contribute to increased body fat, such as blood sugar disturbances, low thyroid activity and other hormonal imbalances, poor dietary habits and low levels of activity. By looking each person’s individual and unique health patterns, we can tailor a program that will encourage healthy, and sustainable weight loss.

What’s involved:

  • One hour initial consultation with Naturopath which includes body composition analysis, health, lifestyle and dietary assessment. Your Naturopath may then outline any dietary and lifestyle changes and prescribe specific nutritionals or herbal medicines to assist.
  • Follow-up sessions as necessary for ongoing dietary and nutritional advice and herbal medincine treatment according to your changing needs.

Tips for a healthier weight balance

  • Prepare home cooked meals
  • Avoid sugar
  • Don’t shop when hungry
  • Address emotional eating triggers
  • Eat slowly, try to be relaxed
  • Enjoy your exercise