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  • Stress changes us.  It affects our body’s function in many ways. On a deeper, biochemical level, stress has the ability to reshape our brain and how o

  • Naturopaths have a unique perspective on health and illness with a focus on treating the person, not the disease. The biological terrain theory is whe

  • Our immune system is incredibly complex and vast, there is still so much we don’t understand about it.  One thing is for sure is that supporting our i

Welcome To Your Sydney Naturopathic Clinic

CBD Natural Health is a naturopathic medicine practice specialising in health and natural fertility. We are conveniently located in the heart of Sydney, on George Street, at the end of Martin Place, close to Wynard train station.

When you aren’t feeling well or just not finding answers to your issues, the Naturopaths at Sydney ‘s CBD Natural Health offer individual naturopathic treatments that utilise the latest research and information, non-invasive tests and natural medicines to find answers to problems and achieve effective, lasting results.

Natural therapies are a safe, drug-free and proven way to treat many common conditions including: digestive and bowel complaints, infertility and fertility problems, weight issues, skin problems, sinusitis, fatigue and arthritis.

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